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Case Studies

Advanced Cloud ERP which is abbreviated as ACE, helps businesses organize their complex managerial functions in the most simplest and understandable way. Right from the level of a startup, till a huge multinational business, ACE helps to cover the ERP, HRM, CRM and Collaboration related operations. Apart from the Technical caliber, a business needs lots of complex activities like Staffing, HR operations, Customer Relationship, Industry Collaboration and Strategy to move up with the competition and to scale up to the next level. ACE makes these complex problems the most easiest ones to manage and to touch the next level.


  • Cloud Platform:  Available On Cloud Access – Anywhere, Anytime And Anyplace
  • Easy on pocket: Fits in all your devices – Tablets/ Smart Phones/ Laptops/ Desktops
  • Value for Money: No – Hardware Investment, Licensing Cost And Maintenance Cost


  • Cost Control – 20% to 30%*
  • Enhanced Productivity – 25% to 40%*
  • Increased employee performance – 30% to 40%*
  • Increase in Business (with advent of better leveraging) –30% to 40% *
  • Business retention based on quality, support, customer service – 100%*


ACE offers all managerial services under single platform. Complex operations like HRM, CRM, SCM, Finance and many more can be controlled through single platform. This integration helps in making complex operations look easy to manage..


You need not have special skills to understand this product. ACE is simple to operate and easy to understand. Your employees will feel the ease of using this product for complex managerial operations.

ACE can be used on PCs, Mobile Phones and Tablets. This offers flexibility to your employees to use it on their ease.




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